Tap Scan Click Trailer Link Image

Tap Scan Click are three cardinal points for Information, Navigation and Propagation. See examples at https://tapscanclick.com

The Tap Scan Click concept sprang from the video post productions at Mini Video Pages ™ and the desire to promulgate its outputs.

A Tap Scan Click image is used with most outputs at https://minivideopages.com

Those are sized with social media sharing in mind. In particualr those where the timeline image is in landscape format.

There are plentiful examples on the above sites. However, exemplars of the approach are at:-





Mini Video Pages syndicates its Youtube video outputs across hundreds of web assets using a Chrome Extension -“YTRankBoost”. Read more and subscribe https://lnkto.it/ytrankboostchromeextension/

(This is an affiliate link via which I may receive some remuneration – but at no “extra” cost to buying it direct from the Goolge Chrome Store).